FREE SHIPPING WHEN SPENDING $120..Dairy FREE, Soy FREE, Gluten FREE, Sweetened with Raw Honey, Paleo

"Godiva move over, these are top oh the line, first class. Yummo baby!!"

Ruth, Glenwood Springs, CO


"You guys are so amazing!!!!!!!! Your chocolate is the best I've tasted, ever. Totally worth it."

A. Clark, Sebastopol, CA


"Lori, I just received this stunning beautiful gift from you that you sent to me from Heart of Shasta. The presentation of the chocolate is top notch, the candies are exquisite, this is a stunningly beautiful gift. This is one of the of the nicest surprises I've ever gotten. There are ingredients and I can (eat) every thing, it was just so wonderful to open it and realize that I could eat it all! What an incredible company you have found. This was just so nice. It's like Valentine's Day early. Love, Mom" 

Dorothy, Clayton, NJ


"BEST CHOCOLATE EVER!!!!!! Seriously, though, this is awesome stuff. I got the Rum Cherry Hearts for my bf for a late Valentine's Day present and they were gone in a matter of hours. I've hidden this piece [Spicy Cayenne Ginger Love Bar] from everyone in my house, savoring it for as long as I possibly can...or I could just buy more... ;]"

Ashlyn, Boulder, CO


"These chocolates are amazing, Jody! Very quick shipment, fantastic assortment of chocolates - I'll definitely be back for more! :)  These are packaged in a very cute way, my fiance was impressed - but the real "steal" here is this [Cherry Mango] truffle! Amazing and very flavorful - lots of layers there! Fast service, great sweets - can't argue with that at all! :)"

John, Humble, TX


"I just received 3 boxes of your amazing wholesome chocolate deliciousness for my birthday. You made my day! Your carefully and beautifully hand crafted gems vibrate with lots of love! I believe your dream of living lovingly and peacefully is already manifesting. What an inspiration you are! May your days and nights be filled with chocolaty love:)Thanks a million for sharing such unique healthy yummy chocolates!"

Khaled, San Diego, CA


"I truly appreciate all your help and personal attention with this order! My sister is thrilled with the chocolates. She couldn't wait until Christmas to try them, and called me immediately to tell me how delicious they are. :) Thank you again for all your help!"

Betsy, Danvers, MA


"Jody's Heart of Shasta chocolates are the most delicious thing you have ever tasted - smooth, intense & creamy (although they don't have cream in them). The cherry and the coffee are my favorites...mmm...and the raspberry too! Nothing else I have bought compares to them - I've had chocolate from all over the world (France, Belgium, Switzerland, etc) & hers is definitely the best in my opinion. Real gourmet stuff!" 

Suzi W, Mt Shasta, CA


"Heart of Shasta makes the most subtly delicious chocolates in a variety of combinations with really high quality dried fruits and nuts.  They literally melt in your mouth, oozing the most intense chocolate flavor you can imagine.  Really the best and like no other chocolates anywhere!"

Dave W, Mt Shasta, CA


"Jody, both France and I want you to know how absolutely wonderful your chocolate treats are! The flavors are rich and varied, their smooth textures and finely blended ingredients make them extremely palatable, and we love the different shapes! I didn't realize that raw chocolate could taste so good! And your presentation is very artistic! Congratulations!"

Mark G and France R, Talent, OR


"Heart of Shasta chocolate swoons on the tongue. The raw, organic cacao and local honey melt the moment they feel your body heat… It’s an intimate experience and so delicious.  I can’t stay alone in the house with a box of these chocolates; I must devour them."

Molly H., Mt Shasta, CA

Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Soy Free gourmet dark chocolate, sweetened with honey and love!
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